Although doesn't have any useful content of it's own, I have this domain so that I can host other, more useful ones! Following are some of the web sites hosted on my webspace:

Quick links


Holistic Veterinarian online

Natural animal treatment. Some pages describing natural remedies and their use on different animals, as well as an online consultation feature, where one can book a consultation online. 

John Whisson Photography

Online portfolio and print ordering store for John Whisson's photography. 

Total Immersion Swimming New Zealand

Learn to swim better than you ever thought possible with TI Swim. This is the New Zealan page which is pretty quiet as far as courses go. 

Total Immersion Swimming Australia

Learn to swim better than you ever thought possible with TI Swim Australia. Online bookings for workshops, tasters, refreshers and even individual sessions. Admin interface to administer workshops dates and availability and manage enquiries. 

Milestones with Music

Music lessons and Piano Tuition for children and babies. 

Working bee organisation

Organise events and allow people to register their attendance. 

Reflecting the Future Conference

Youth Conference official website and registration portal. Youth Conference Adelaide, 2007. 

The Art of the Future Conference

Youth Festival official website and registration portal. Youth Conference Perth, 2009. 

Alduino's published works (unfinished)

This will be where all the published works of Alduino Mazzone will go. (Anthroposophical, educational etc.) 

Terra Firma bricks (unfinished)

Created as a proof of concept site, but never finished (on request of the client). 

Stirling Country Fire Service

Stirling CFS Homepage. A few photos, so basic information and not much else! 


Silo safety solutions. Brochure site for Silo safe, making and fitting silo lids, ground operated lid openers, grain dryers and other stuff. 

Computer Organization and Design

This was a site to go on a CD accompanying a computer programming book. 

Class of 2004

Official website for the Mount Barker Waldorf School class of 2004